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Listen to the messages of your soul

Connect to the wisdom of your soul with this vibrational transmission of source your light!

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What does your soul want you to know?

Calm the mind chatter and listen for the answer during the guided meditation and light language.


Activate what you need in this moment.

We discuss what you need most and set an intention for the session.


Release whatever is blocking your highest good.

Again, we set an intention to release whatever is holding you back in this moment.  

You’re just a few steps away from tapping into your radiant soul and the wisdom it brings just for you. 
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From Lucy:

"Connect to your "I am" presence and discover your inner beauty and wisdom


Discover your light now!

“Part of the beauty of light language is that a purity of information is being transmitted"

Jamye Price - Light Language teacher and channel
Tell me more....

   Do you want to...

Experience your radiance…

  • Sit back and relax,
  • Let the light language flow over you,

Open yourself to feel the knowledge of your energy mind and let it tell you everything you need to know, in this moment.

Clear blocks that are stopping you...

  • are you living the life of your dreams? 
  • do you want to make better choices?

We often have blocks in our energy body where the energy just does not flow.  This causes us to react rather then respond.

Feel deep love for yourself...

  • really understand that you are loved
  • connect to source energy and feel deep acceptance for yourself.
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Don’t wait! Find out what your soul wants you to know today...

Book your light language session, chat with me, relax and tap into your natural intelligence. 

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What my clients said


Lucy’s light language sessions are deep and profound. The language she brings through is fluid and flowing and the feeling of receiving is sacred, pure and was felt deeply in my being.  I knew that I was receiving wisdom and messages of love from divine, ancient beings. Both of my sessions were powerful and filled me with a sense of awe and appreciation and connection beyond words.

Thank you Lucy💕

You have a beautiful gift to share with all.


A light language session with Lucy by-passes the conscious mind to bring healing and a return to peace & optimism.  I had been grappling with several situations following a recent family bereavement and the light language was tailored specifically to the root cause of my discomfort, bringing insights and a soothing salve. 

I highly recommend Lucy. 

You will be in safe hands.


Thank you Lucy for an amazing light language session!

I felt my whole body calm down, my breathing became slower and deeper, it was a very grounding experience. 

I had unexpected memories and connected anxiety that came back to me through the light language session, which gave me some insight into the stress that I have experienced. Your insights were spot on around feeling safe!

Powerful session!

Thank you x 

Experience Light Language with friends! Share the wisdom...

Up to 6 people experience light language. Everyone takes away what is perfect for them.

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Group Session Feedback

Amazing, wow, such a feeling of both calm and excitement!

My breathing got deeper very ancient, very sacred.

I went from chills to heat, I received and took it all in, it was so powerful.

By the end I had no thoughts left, I was settled and grounded.

That was awesome!

It felt electric and powerful!

It felt really deep, I had a intuitive sense, I didn’t understand what was happening but I knew in my body it was going really deep, they were sacred sounds.

I love that it bypasses my mind chatter.

It feels very relieving because it is true. I don’t consciously understand it so my brain does not back chat! 

I could feel it clearing around my heart.

Sounded sacred, it felt magic.  It was beautiful, I loved it.

There is no middle man, it is just sound so your body reacts, inside us we do know what is being said.

You are very talented Lucy!
That was really special, I am blown away