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Infuse your spirit with energy and keep it on an upward spiral.

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Radiance is shining with love, confidence and happiness.

It can be felt by everyone you meet.  Imagine feeling like that every day.  By connecting to your inner wisdom and realising you are the powerful creator of your life, you increase your radiance and connection to source energy.

Let's talk about source energy ... the energy that you use to create your life.

  • Where¬†would you put your¬†connection to source energy on a scale from minus ten to plus ten?
  • What would your life¬†feel like if you were at the top of that scale....plus eleven anyone?¬† This is real radiance...this brings¬†ease and flow, when you loved your life and yourself, and felt connected to your purpose.
  • When you are pushing through all the tasks¬†you "should" do, it drains your energy.¬† You are using your¬†limited personal energy with little connection to source energy.¬† There's no time for you and no time to recharge your batteries.
  • What about the all fun and laughter? The lower our connection to source energy the more difficult life seems and this¬†is the start of a downward spiral.¬†

By taking responsibility for your life and deepening your connection to source you begin to exude love, confidence, and happiness from within.

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We are multi dimensional beings...

We have a soul, thoughts, emotions and a physical body. Each of these are a different dimension of our energy field and has a default energy level that we tend towards.  

These are controlled by our connection to source energy, our thoughts, emotions and what we are physically doing. They are also affected by the choices we are making and if these align to who we truly are.

We are all perfect exactly as we are and do not need to be "fixed".  If you book a session with me, you will find yourself more secure in that knowledge, whether the wisdom comes through more insight into your perfection or hearing your own wisdom through light language.

When our connection to source energy is low and we feel disconnected from our purpose, our energy is drained.  We are using our willpower and our personal energy to get ourselves through life.  Personal energy is finite and actually runs out!

The number one regret of the dying is "I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me" (Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware).  Finding a way to do this can seem impossible when you are being pulled in all directions by our thoughts, emotions and the needs of others.

Our divine soul blueprint is the spiritual map of our gifts and talents. 

Knowing our divine soul blueprint brings:

  • Increased self love and much less negative self talk;
  • connection to your true self and your gifts;
  • connection to your inner wisdom;
  • a high¬†source energy connection;¬†
  • understanding of others differences;
  • an awareness of where our energy is in every moment and the choices that this brings to our lives.

Living life lightly is connecting with your spiritual self, your inner wisdom, living authentically and celebrating your strengths.


"People don’t want to be changed. They want to be loved. You don’t want to be changed. You want to be loved. You want to be love."

Sara Landon and the Council


Ways to work with me...

‚ďĶ¬†Soul insights - akashic records¬†¬†¬†‚ď∂¬†Soul messages¬†- light language

‚ďĶ¬†Soul insights - akashic records

Connect to your soul gifts, clear blocks that are stopping you creating the life of your dreams.

Live with love and acceptance for yourself...

Upgrade your spiritual energy!


Book a soul reading
‚ď∂¬†Soul messages - light language

Connect more deeply to your inner guidance.

Feel the flow of wisdom through light language as it connects you to the wisdom of your soul.

Enjoy a relaxing, personal meditation.


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What my clients say...


I am so glad our path’s crossed, I don’t think it was coincidence!.   Lucy has  so much knowledge and  several modalities that she can use.  Working intuitively she has removed and cleared my energy and environment as stuff was so difficult and problematic until she worked her magic.  It certainly made a difference. 


Lucy is extremely intuitive as well as charming. But what is most important are results and immediately after my soul realignment/akashic record reading I began to take action on something that had kept me stuck for a long time. I noticed an immediate and significant shift and for that I am extremely grateful.


I am so delighted to finally had the courage to ask Lucy about her Soul Realignment Readings.  I have to admit I was a little nervous what if I did not like my soul (crazy!) .  Instead, I found the reading reassuring, what Lucy told me made sense.  I was surprised with the amount of information that Lucy delivered and so glad I had a recording to listen too.  I felt lighter and was able to laugh at myself.

African Prayer


Let us take care of the childrenfor they have a long way to go.

Let us take care of the eldersfor they have come a long way. 

Let us take care of those in between

for they are doing

all the work.

Are you one of those in between doing all "the work"?

Imagine doing "the work" with ease and flow!

Let's choose where to start....

‚ďĶ¬†Soul insights - akashic records¬† ¬†‚ď∂¬†Soul messages - light language

‚ďĶ¬†Know and love who you are at your core...your soul.

Once you start on the path of self awareness, you often realise you are not living your best life. You may find you are firefighting and just trying to keep up with everyone else's tasks, rather than choosing your life.  A great start is to really know your soul gifts, what makes your heart sing. That is where your best vital force energy comes from.

In the reading, we clear energy blocks so you have an opportunity to make changes much more easily.

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‚ď∂¬†Messages from your higher self

Light language is an ancient form of transmitting healing messages and clearings straight through to your subconscious.

I am the facilitator, guidance and wisdom is coming through me in the form of spoken, signed and written light language.

Sit back and relax and hear the wisdom of source flow over you.

In this vibrational transmission of source energy you allow your higher self to choose the wisdom it needs in this moment to activate or release whatever you need.

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S.M.I.L.E....It makes everything better!

More things my clients say!


When I discovered (and cleared) blocks in my past life everything made sense.  As a result I made some small changes to my life and now everything is going in the right direction!


A light language session with Lucy by-passes the conscious mind to bring healing and a return to peace & optimism.  I had been grappling with several situations following a recent family bereavement and the light language was tailored specifically to the root cause of my discomfort, bringing insights and a soothing salve.  I highly recommend Lucy.  You will be in safe hands.

Add a little joy to your life

Listen for 2 minutes to raise your vibration and increase the joy in your body today...

You are loved, you are honoured, you are sacred...enjoy  every moment.

Light Language