Upgrade your connection to source energy  

We can create our lives using abundant source energy or we can create our lives using limited personal energy.  Even a tiny increase in source energy makes a huge difference. 

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Align with your soul purpose.

Feel a true sense of direction and meaning.  Live with ease and flow as you use your innate gifts to make positive choices.  All you need is a little more knowledge of the energies of your soul's energies.


Release negative  blocks that are holding you back.

You are already perfect, just the way you are. Clearing patterns of negative choices from this life and past lives and open pathways to better relationships and understanding of yourself and others.  You do not want to bring them into the future.


Reset your connection to your source energy.

Upgrade your energy body and feel the difference as you use your knowledge of yourself to live a life filled with love, light and laughter.  Increase your vibration by letting your light shine through.

You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled life. Book a session today.

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From Lucy:

"You are powerfully creating your life in every moment...  Imagine making choices so life feels easy and fun!"


More energy now please!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us."

Marianne Williamson is right!  Let me show your your light, your gifts, your perfection and connect you more consciously to the beautiful perfect being that you are.
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Live your life true to yourself by…

  • Connecting to your life purpose,
  • Understanding your soul‚Äôs gifts,

When we live our lives in alignment with our divine soul blueprint we open ourselves to an inflow of source energy.

Gain deep insight into your patterns of behaviour...

  • clear¬†subconscious thoughts and choices which are not serving you.¬†
  • understand why you are making those choices.

Feel empowered by letting old blocks go and make new choices in your life.  It is all about awareness of why you are making your choices.

Feel deep appreciation for your loved ones and yourself...

  • really understand that we are all perfect in this moment, no matter what is going on around us.¬† We can choose our experiences.
  • recognise their differences and be open to allowing them to powerfully create their own experiences.
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What my clients said


I was very fortunate to have had a Soul Realignment reading with Lucy. It was deep, insightful and affirming. During the reading, I learnt about blocks that were stopping me from making progress in certain areas of my life. These blocks were cleared through the reading. Lucy is very skilled and experienced. I would highly recommend her for a reading.


Lucy is a warm person, very smart, analytical, thorough and insightful. The way she did my session, made sense to me as it was very relatable and specific to me.
She highlighted areas of my life, I needed to pay more attention to and she put a more positive language on it.  Wording far less judgemental that I would use on myself at times, which is never a good way to think.
I would highly recommend having a session and a follow up with Lucy to strengthen the areas of your life, that need highlighting and prioritising. It is useful for actioning ideas, that sometimes don't go any further than your thought level! You'll also feel great having spent virtual time with her.


After a great initial reading, I had a life situation reading from Lucy, recently.  The entire process was effortless and I felt supported.  The outcome was astounding.  I know I am following my true career path and I have been able to cut some unnecessary energy ties in a positive way.  I will be booking again for another reading.