Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!

Oscar Wilde

Are you being pulled in way too many different directions?

When we get into the habit of people pleasing, we forget to look after ourselves.  We feel lost and can end up not knowing who we are or what to do.  

Is your mind constantly telling you that you are not good enough or that in order to be loved you need to do things for other people? Maybe you feel like you are not able to live the life you know you are here for or you have forgotten what that might even look like!

Guess what? I have been there too, dealing with my own pesky inner critic.

And I was living with it all the time...

The good news - It is possible to change your mind, your thoughts, your habits and your default emotions...

Hi, I'm Lucy McCormack

Source Energy Master and Guide 

My top values are love, light and laughter. I bring these to my life and my work every day.

I help connect people to their soul’s inner radiance so they can live in alignment with their inner wisdom.  When we feel radiant we are shining with love, confidence and happiness.  We know who we are.  We know we are the powerful creators of our own experiences and this feels amazing.

Source is the energy that creates and sustains life.  It is abundant and always there for us.  It is the energy we need to use to create our lives.

I encourage people to approach life with a sense of ease and grace, without taking things too seriously. Living life lightly means being true to oneself and living authentically, embracing our uniqueness and celebrating our strengths.  It involves 100% responsibility and living with a higher sense of purpose.

When you realise that how you experience the world comes from inside of you can choose how you react. This is really empowering.

Self awareness is the key to everything.

I started adult life as an accountant and then transitioned to being a full time mother and the house elf of our family.  I am an only child so all responsibility for my parents and an elderly family friend fell directly on me.

I spent many years putting others first and running myself into the ground with the help of scheduling and lists which I love!

I felt that love only came if you did things for others, not from just being me!   I had this undeniable feeling that the life I was meant to live was just out of reach.

Then I went on a self healing, spiritual journey.  I realised that sometimes, in our quest to spread positivity, we might lose sight of our own needs.

I have studied and learned so many things since then. Every day, I use the knowledge I have of my soul, connect with my inner wisdom, my guides and angels and speak light language.   I live life on my own terms filled with joy, love, passion, excitement and creativity.

I can show you how to do that too!

Your mind can be a canvas waiting to be painted with vibrant thoughts, empowering habits, and uplifting emotions!


Learn to Live Life Lightly!

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Soul insights - akashic records

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