What state are you in?

The most important thing we can check before we start something is the weather...only kidding!  But actually weather is really important in Ireland as it changes frequently 😀. You can tell from the picture I took in the Wicklow mountains.

Are you creating the life you want?  It is not about the circumstances it is about your energy...we can change the energy we bring to our lives and then the circumstances become more manageable. 

So the most important thing to check is what energy state we are in.  When we are feeling low, things feel more difficult but when our energy level is high, we connect to our best possible version of ourselves and everything is easier.

So what creates our state?

I have a free gift for you to work on this yourself.  The triad model explains the three main levels on which we need to work to get ourselves in a peak state, or even part of the way there, if that is all you feel like.  It is really simple, it is basically a triangle  that you write your energy choices around.

We are all multidimensional beings.  We have bodies, emotions, thoughts and a soul.  There are more dimensions than this but these are the relevant ones.

So in order to create your state, you look at your body, your thoughts and beliefs, your language and finally these create your emotions.  The sum of these create the state you are in. The higher your state the more likely you are going to connect to your soul purpose, divine gifts and intuition.  These are obviously invaluable.

I have my triads printed out and as the screensaver on my iPad.  I look at them first thing and pick the one that is relevant to my next tasks.  Then I spend a few minutes getting into state.  I change my body and my breathing, I read the new language I have picked to empower me and I make sure my beliefs makes me smile when I focus on them.  Then I connect to the emotions inside the triangle.

Download the free worksheet for a proper look at these.  It will only take you a few minutes to do one of these, you can pick love, work or play to try. 

Imagine starting to spend time with loved ones after a long, difficult day.  It can go either way, you can find that your energy state from the day stays with you and you are cranky and out of sorts or you can sit for two minutes, use the triad model for love that you have created and when you interact with your loved ones, you are feeling fabulous.  You get to choose the emotions you want...what a difference!