Don't you love ❤️ synchronicities?

I was feeling stressed this morning, just a general state of unease.  Probably about +3 or +4 on the FRED Scale, which is unusual for me but at least I was connected enough to my radiance not to be below zero.

I decided to take my time with my morning coffee and see where the energy went and what I would do next.  My morning routine is very vital to my day so that was my next focus.  Before I even got there, I had a flash of inspiration!

I would send an email recommending the book I am reading.

Instant Karma by David Mitchie

I was reading this with my coffee and loving every mintue of it.  It is a novel featuring a wonderful chap called Lama Tashi who teaches about karma.  The book also has many stories about what happens various characters when karma is instant!

It is so much fun.

Whizz to the bottom of this to watch the video (there is some barking 🐾🐾🐾and a unicorn🦄!)


What about the synchronicities? 

I was reading a paragraph about the kramic cause of being good looking.  Apparently it is patience. The whole quote is below.  

Patience has been an issue for me in the last few weeks.  I am having so much fun with all that I am doing that I want to do it all NOW!  This is leading to a feeling of frustration, which is lowering my radiance score on Fred's scale.  

So, what happened next?  Well, I was getting on with my morning routine.  I always pull an angel card from one of Radleigh Valentine's card decks.  The card I pulled this morning was the 7 of Earth, from Angel Wisdom Tarot which advised the need for patience!  It is also a card of renewed determination.

Lesson learned!  Time to stop trying to do everything at once, go with the flow and let it all happen with divine timing.  What I also loved was it made writing this email incredibly easy 😀😀😀.  I had easily moved my energy up and now I am feeling amazing!

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