Feel like a swan? Looking perfect but paddling madly...

Do you  feel like you're gliding along on the surface but underneath your legs are paddling madly?  What we show the world about our lives is rarely what is going on in our heads.

When I visit my mother in her nursing home, I make sure to turn up full of smiles and laughter.  Sometimes that works easily and sometimes it is an enormous effort.   I have all the tools and techniques to sort myself out but sometimes I really do not want to use them.

We have to get ourselves to a certain energy level before we can contemplate moving forward, particularly if we are trying to do these things alone. This is why having a coach in your life is so helpful.  They are the person that really hears you and helps you sort out how you feel and what to do next.   They help you move through life with ease and flow so that you are being pulled forward toward something you love rather than pushing yourself.

Did you know that there were studies done about will power.  Apparently we have a finite amount of it.  This makes so much sense when you think about it.  It we spend the morning pushing ourselves to do a whole heap of tasks we do not want to do, we are much more likely to eat chocolate or do something you would usually use your willpower to stop yourself doing.

When we change our lives to pull not push we have more willpower left over at the end of the day.  I have two ways to help you with this.  The first is a soul realignment reading which helps you move forward toward your goals in life with self knowledge and purpose.  The second is a brain fitness method called Positive Intelligence.  

I am combining these is a special offer for the end of December 2020.  All the details are available here.  For only €200 you can get a Soul Realignment session (currently valued at €165) and the 6 week Positive Intelligence program (valued at approximately €800 or $1000 dollars) and 6 weeks of coaching with me (valued at €600).  So that is €1565 value for only €200.

 Savings of €1365!

Get all the details and watch the video for more information!