It's spring ...spruce up your energy!

I was chatting to a friend yesterday and describing the benefits of sessions of light language and soul realignment clearings and she said "it sounds like an energy spring clean".  I was so impressed...what a perfect way to explain it.

Why would I want to spring clean my energy?

Would you like to feel energised and drawn toward your life purpose


We hear a lot these days about moving into the 5th dimension, into a life which is led by love.  It sounds fabolous and I am sure you are having moments when you feel like life is amazing.

However, we also have moments when we forget how happy we are and how beautiful life is.  These are the moments when something happens that brings down your energy or your vibration.  Usually this is triggered quite simply by energy hitting off an energy block in your field.  It is that simple!  There is nothing wrong with you...

Energy is supposed to flow through our energy field with ease.  We should notice whether something aligns with us or not and then just let it keep going.  Often this does not happen, it hits a block instead.  It pulls us out of our happy place and leads us down a path of irritation (or whatever your default reaction is) and before we notice we have slid down Fred's scale toward zero or even below it.

Removing these blocks either by clearing them in the Akashic Records or by aligning to your wisdom with light language and letting them go, makes a huge difference.

With self awareness, you can do this yourself but you can also speed up the transformation by having them cleared (and gaining huge insights) in a soul realignment reading.  

Your other option (with me, that is!) is light language. It connects you directly to the wisdom of your higher self, your soul and gives you the insights and the feeling of self love to make the positive choices you need.

Can I really just do this myself? 

Of course you can!  You are the powerful creator of your own life.  You are amazing and perfect exactly as you are.  In order to do this you need self awareness and the urge to take 100% responsibility for your life.

However it is wonderful to have help to clear up some of our triggers so that you live your life really feeling that perfection!

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