The one thing that changed my life


"We are all the powerful creators of our own experience." 

I say this endlessly. However, it is much easier to say than it is to follow through with.  The drive to protect our families from harm is a powerful one but in the end we are doing them a disservice....the adult ones in any case. Children are a whole different ball game but it is all about the balance between teaching and controlling!

Now imagine for a moment, that you have just done something foolish.  Not life threatening, but something you wish you had not done nonetheless.  Say, gone to the shops with odd shoes on your feet.  You meet some friends (and strangers) who think it is hilarious and you realise in that moment you may not live it down for a long time.  It begins to feel like a story people will be telling at your funeral!

Yes, this comes from actual experience!  Believe it or not, I did this on purpose as a teenager (red and blue running shoes) but have also gone to work in one dark navy shoe and one black one.  In my defense, at least they were the same style!

So, you arrive home and look down at your feet.  What are you telling yourself?  Do you realise quickly that is is really pretty funny and since you will laugh later you may as well laugh now?  Or do you spend the next few hours, telling yourself how stupid you are, how you will feel bad for ages, how crazy other people will now think you are?  Are you now dreading going back to that shop or meeting the same people in case they laugh at you?  There are endless places that our minds can take us when we let them get out of control.  We can conjure up so many scenarios in our heads...imagine if those were positive by default instead of negative.

So how are you creating your own experience?  It is mostly positive or mostly negative at the moment.  With all the things happening in the world at the moment it is very easy to tend toward the negative.  We are physically programmed to see danger so heading toward the negative is actually a function of our biology as much as anything. 

Finally after years of searching and learning, I have found the one thing that really quiets my anxiety.  Not only that but it is so simple that I actually do it.  My mindset has gone from about half and half positive to negative to three quarters positive.  This is the magic number.  We are so hardwired to see the negative that we need three positive thoughts for every one negative just to be balanced.

"So, what is this thing you have found?" I hear you ask!  It is Positive Intelligence by Shrizad Chamine.  I have talked to loads of people and it has helped all but one of them.  It is simple, mindful exercises that you do a few times a day and some wonderful understanding of our inner critic and the other voices in our heads that stop us from moving forward with our lives.   As part of the course, which I am now able to offer my clients you also master your self command muscle.  This means that you stop yourself really fast when your thinking is bringing down your energy.  

All the details can be found here, I am offering a special price for this amazing six week course combined with a soul realignment session.  You will come to appreciate and love your gifts and stop any negative thinking the moment it starts.  The both bring you to the same place of love and acceptance but from different angles.  One from a perspective of your souls gifts and one from the positive aspects of all the things you are doing that get you off track.  The combination is incredible.

If you want to know more immediately, book a call with me and snap up one of only five three seats available in February.  The first group starts with access to the program on the 27th.

I do realise my shoe example is pretty trivial but this works on more complicated situations just the same.  When we raise our mental fitness for these simple types of situations, the tough situations become more manageable too.

Photo by Raka Rachgo on Unsplash