Changing your automatic thinking

Everybody's world is an exact mirror of their thinking.  This is a weird concept to get your head around but it it true.  What we are seeing in the world, literally depends on how we are looking at it.  We filter out so many of the things that are happening around us and only the ones that align with our thinking get through.  

Think for a moment about looking in a real mirror.  If you are tired or feeling negative for some reason, when you glance in the mirror you will see negative things about yourself.  If however, you are in a great humour, you are more likely to appreciate what you see. 

I find this a really inspiring thought as it means that as I change my mind, change my thinking, my world changes. I am the one with the power... I am creating my life, myself.  

But how do we change our thoughts, so many of them are automatic.  This is where mental fitness comes in.  When we are mentally fit, we automatically have positive thoughts rather than negative ones.  Our brains our wired automatically for the negative, right from the beginning of time.  In the past, we needed to be alert for danger so that was how we were.

Nowadays, our need to watch out for danger is lessened but our brains are still much more focused on the negative.  Unless you are mentally fit, you have three negative thoughts for every positive one.  Mental fitness starts to change that.  I know because I have been practicing it myself.  I have also talked to numerous other people who have done the exact program I am offering and they have all benefited too.  

Mental fitness is simple, 15 minutes a day and an hour lesson to watch at the weekend.  All done in 6 weeks.  From there you have the knowledge and the ability to carry on with the 15 minutes a day.  You will have built the mental muscles necessary for a life filled with more ease and flow than push and effort.  

You will have started to feel happier, your positive thoughts will be outnumbering your negative ones.  You will be actively in charge of what you are thinking and have learned a framework to refer back to when you find you are looking at the negative.  This gives you easy options to change it.  

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