Collecting good memories

"We are here to gather as many star memories as we can." 

I heard this said on the Star Matrix summit this weekend and it really rang true for me.  There was a study done on the survivors of a plane crash and they all said that when they thought they were going to die, it was all the highest positive memories of their lives that went through their heads.  Only love remains.  We don't want to wait till near death to do this...find them now!  This is a major part of Star Centered Coaching as we have so much to learn from the times that life was wonderful and there is so much energy to be gotten.  Our star memories help us live life with ease and flow.  This is not just positive thinking,  it is a new energy healing technique that anyone can add to their lives to really change how they look at life.  

I love looking at my life through a lens of positivity.  We are so conditioned to look back at trauma we forget that good things happened too.  Maybe some of the trauma had some nugget of good that helps you now.

I am going to talk more about this in my Fix your Energy Kryptonite Masterclass on the 19th November.  You can sign up now.

In the masterclass, we will look at the likely places that your energy field is out of alignment, where the Kryptonite is getting you!  I will also be showing you simple ways to fix it.  There will be a workbook (I love workbooks!) and I am planning a wonderful visualisation for the end so that you leave full of energy for the rest of your day.  This is my first masterclass so I would really love the company 😀💕💚❤️✅ 

We will be looking at three areas of life (and you can work out which is your Kryptonite!) that may be draining your energy and learning simple techniques to fix them.  When our energy feels scattered, it may well be because it actually is.  We leave our energy all over the place.  When our energy levels are low it is virtually impossible to feel like you are being true to yourself as you are likely being pulled in numerous directions and have no energy to make good choices.  This is the time we react to life rather than taking the time to respond in alignment with who we really are.

So put yourself first for an hour or so and join me.

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