Do you feel pulled in lots of different directions?

Being perfect and achieving seem to be very high values in the world today.  We see all the people on Facebook or Instagram with perfect lives, people rarely post about the times things didn't work out or all the hours they put into everything looking perfect!  It is all a point of view in any case.  I never wear makeup so I am sure people look at me and wonder why I don't make more of an effort but it makes me happy.

I love to get things right and it gets me nearly every time.  If I am feeling off, I don't like to start as I may not do it well...regardless of what it is. Time is one of the things that gets me most often, if I don't feel I have time to do the whole task, what is the point in starting?  Luckily, I know this about myself and when I hear it in my head, I know my energy is low and that is what I need to fix.  When my energy is high, these things do not bother me as much.  It is like putting a forcefield around yourself so the negative thinking cannot get in.

Remember, you can give yourself a clap and a cheer anytime (even if it is only in your imagination) to raise your energy significantly.  Pick something little you are doing well...even if it is just breathing. 

In your mind, or out loud if you can, say

"Hurray for me, I am amazing, look at how well I am breathing now, my beautiful smile lights up the world, I am the best at being me, no one else has my perspective and I am alive and I am special."  Clap as you do this or give yourself a high five!  Get your body involved.

The biggest muddle my mind creates comes from the number of diverse things I do in a day.   All the people and tasks that seem to need my time.  Switching from one to the next without overwhelm can be difficult.  

What can we do when these things take effect?  We need to be present in everything that we are doing or else what is the point.  If I am walking with Flapjack and thinking about groceries, I am missing out on the beautiful day (regardless of the weather!) and the exercise I am getting.  I may also be missing out of meeting people and really seeing what is going on around me.  

There was a study done years ago of people cleaning hotel rooms.  As far as I remember they told some of them to focus on the fact that they were getting exercise.  Those ones lost weight!. Yes, it was more complicated than that but you get the idea!

So, set an intention.  If you are feeling pulled in a myriad of directions, stop and think about the thing you are choosing to do next.  Put your hands on your heart and breathe deeply for a few breaths.  Make a conscious decision how you want to be for whatever you are doing.  Are you going to be meeting people?  How do you want to be with them?  Do you want to bring some light into their lives?

Being present, as your best self, is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others.  Only you can do what you do with your perspective and intention.