Star Centered Coaching

Have you ever wanted life to be easier?  Do you want to live with ease and flow?  I think we all have at some point...we certainly never wish for it to be harder!  Life is supposed to be fun, we are not here to get ourselves to death as safely as possible, we are here to experience what it is like to be human.  It is what we have chosen.   In the same way our guides have chosen to express themselves as guides and not be human this time.

So we are here by choice.  Here to live and love with light and laughter (all my favourite L words!).  Star Centered Coaching can really help you with this.  

No more wondering who you are or what your life purpose is.  You have no idea how many courses I did to try an find this but none of the answers every felt right until I had a Soul Realignment session.  I let go of the blocks that were stopping me see who I was and moved forward as myself.  This brings an incredible amount of energy to your life.

No more wallowing in the negative emotions we are all so good at falling into.  Catch yourself quickly and return to the high energy, beautiful person you are when you are happy.  Also learn a completely different model of life which allows you to look at your past self with compassion...knock the little critic off your shoulder once and for all.  Stop him (or her, mine sounds a lot like my mother!) whispering "you are not enough" into your ear.  You are enough, you are perfect just the way you are and creating your life exactly as you should, in this moment.

No more wondering what you were like when you were not stressed.  Connect directly to the times you were in tip top form and take that energy and use it, instantly.  Your star matrix is all around you, filled with all the high positive memories from this life and all your past lives.  Easy to access in any moment, just ask!  Your energy mind, is connected to everything you knows all the answers.  You are more powerful than you can imagine.

No more letting worry and overwhelm take you off track.  This is my go to kryptonite when my energy is low.  I could win an Olympic event in overthinking and mapping out the worst scenarios.  Catching ourselves at this and having clear, simple techniques to get over it is life changing.  When I get really depressed, which happens much more rarely these days, I find it hard to even want to help myself.  That is why the things we need to do have to be really simple, otherwise we never summon up the energy to do them.

And lastly, do you know that you need to express yourself on all the dimensional aspects of being human?  Just doing (on the third dimension, as a body), is not enough.  You have to be using your thoughts (the fourth dimension) and your emotions (the bridge between the two) in alignment with your divine soul blueprint.  This was the learning that got me over the line.  I discovered exactly where I was going wrong.  The places that my energy was going that were negative to my self expression.  When I started to make a change, really look at the energy I was using to create my life, it was really an eye opener.  Think about the number of things you may be doing out of a feeling of obligation.  What over negative energies are in your life?  These are all we perpetuate when we work with these energies.  They are circular, they keep coming back to us.  Understanding them and choosing differently is the only way forward.  

If you are interested in any of these benefits of Star Centererd Coaching, check out my website and click enrol now or book a call so we can chat.