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Would you like more happiness, more ease and flow in your life?

Sounds like magic?

Have you heard about or tried positive thinking, mindfulness, meditation and all sorts of other techniques to improve your life? 

Do you find them impossible to apply for any length of time?

This is because you have only learned the 20% of change which is "insight".  Come to my masterclass to learn how using Mental Fitness brings you the other 80% - mental muscles!

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Have you ever done a course, read a book or learned something new but it just does not seem to stick...

You come away all fired up but then find it impossible to integrate these learnings with your everyday life.  You know life can be ease and flow but you can't get there on a regular basis. 


Mental fitness is the answer!  It is the X Factor, the one thing you need!

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  • How mental fitness is more important for your life than physical fitness.
  • How you can curb your anxiety or stress with some simple practices.
  • How, with mental fitness, you can choose how you respond to whatever is going on around you.
  • And discover the missing 80% of making change in your life.

Mental fitness can help make us happier!

No matter what else you are learning or trying in your life, this will add to it and make it easier.   

Find the missing 80% now!
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Increases and Benefits of the Full Mental Fitness Program

 We are not here to get ourselves safely to death!

Physics shows us we are made up of energy, our bodies are energy, our emotions are energy and our thoughts are energy.  And...they are all connected.

Our thoughts are the easiest to change.  They even let us time travel as we think about the past and the future!

Mental fitness physically helps you to choose more positive thoughts so that you can feel better in every moment, make better choices and connect with your true self.  It really is that simple  and it has been scientifically proven and tested on more than 500,000 people worldwide.

It was created by Shirzad Chamine of Positive Intelligence.  

I have experienced the benefits myself from studying directly with the founder, Shirzad Chamine and found it to be amazing and have personally connected with about 20 people who participated in the program and have all had incredible results. 

If you aren’t familiar with Shirzad, he’s the author of the New York Times best-selling book, Positive Intelligence, and a Stanford lecturer. He's taken his breakthrough research in neuroscience and the data he’s collected from over 500,000 people to create a 6-week program that helps people rewire their brain for more happiness and success. 

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How much time with the full incredible 6 week Mental Fitness course take?

1 hour at weekends and 15 minutes a day on weekdays

Top Features:

  • Scientifically proven program for increased happiness,
  • Increased grey matter in the PQ brain region for more automatic ease and flow,
  • Stop procrastination in it's tracks, regardless of the situation,
  • Six weeks of coaching support from me,
  • Positive Intelligence App with PQ gym and weekly lessons from the founder Shirzad Chamine.
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Reviews from Amazon of the Positive Intelligence book by Shirzad Chamine - obviously the course is even better!


Just do it! Absolutely everyone can benefit from this course. These are all skills we need, to be successful and happy in life and they don't come naturally. We need to practice them and put them into action on a daily basis and that's exactly what this course offers - all with Lucy's expert guidance!